A little about myself

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I am the middle child family of 5 children one older brother, one older sister, two younger brothers. I was raised in Garden Grove, CA. catholic background.  My parents’ home was always open to everyone and they taught me to accept the differences in others.  My mother died of cancer in the fall of 1975. My father still lives in Garden Grove. I married in 1978 and have two children, Erin and Ian.  I divorced in 2006, but still remain friends with my ex-husband. 
It seems prophetic that I met my ex-husband in 1977 on the way to San Francisco supporting friends in the San Francisco Pride Parade.  I always had friends who were members of the GLBT community so when my son came to the realization he was gay he was very comfortable coming out to his father and myself.  What I discovered in my visible support for my son is that there are many members of the GLBT community who find themselves if not totally abandoned by their family not visibly supported.  I would often find these people sharing their feelings of sadness, disappointment and sometime anger with their own parents’ inability or unwillingness to accept the sexuality of their children. 
I can only imagine how Ian might have felt if I were a different type of parent. Since Ian came out I have encountered many individuals who have expressed the wish that their parents were more like me.  Here in Atlanta I am often referred to as Mama Deb.  

 I feel I have a social responsibility to stand up and support as a parent, GLBT children everywhere. 

Three Grim Fairy Tales and a Happy Ending


Three Grim Fairy Tales and A Happy Ending

The book Three Grim Fairy Tales and a Happy Ending is a message to parents of GLBT children who feel they have lost or fear losing the love of their parents.  This started out as an attempt to give parents a different look at their gay children. I realize it does not apply to just gay children, but to all children who may not quite be what their parents expected.
I am a mother who has learned first-hand from my child as well as other gay children about lives forever affected by the definition of what is normal when it comes to sexuality.  My life has been influenced and enriched by my “children”. 

Three Grim Fairy Tales and a Happy Ending is currently available on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Books-a-million.com and www.outwritebooks.com